My name is James Sullivan and I am the Founder of The Abbington Group. I live on the Buckland side of the river in Shelburne Falls. I’ve been in the Pioneer Valley area, off and on, for about 55 years.
We live in a great area for live music. If you want to sit in a concert setting and pay $10 – $80 or more for a ticket you can see musicians from around the world. If you want to go to a restaurant or brewpub and sit at the bar to listen to local musicians play for free you can do that too.
I’ve been booking music for local restaurants and I’ve learned a lot about the “business” of presenting and playing free live music. I’ve come to the conclusion that musicians need our help. We can go out to hear free live music and show our support for the musicians with cash in the tip jar, but I feel they need an income source in addition to what they earn in the venues where they play.
So, I asked myself, is there a way for musicians to make an income that is not solely dependent on venue pay and tips? A supplemental income that will allow them to play in more venues and get more fans and followers?
Yes, I believe there is…sponsorship agreements with local businesses and individuals who want to support local musicians through a sponsorship payment arrangement. The arrangement also benefits the sponsoring business by increasing the awareness of the business and increasing their customer base.
To help facilitate this process I created The Abbington Group’s We Support Live Music Network™ to serve as a central online meeting place where sponsors and musicians can connect.
This web site is the Western MA affiliate of The Abbington Group’s We Support Live Music Network™
The Abbington Group’s We Support Live Music Network™ is a free resource for sponsors and musicians and for live music fans who want to check out who’s playing at local Western MA venues and learn more about the musicians playing there.
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December 2018
Photo by William White on Unsplash