We have a wide variety of venues that offer live music here in Western MA. and most of them offer the music for free.
We have many talented musicians wanting to play at these venues.
The sponsorship of popular touring bands that play in large venues and festivals appeals to many national brands wanting to gain exposure to that band’s audience.
On the local level, the sponsorship of local Western MA musicians offers the same opportunity to local Western MA businesses.


WeSupportLiveMusic413.com suggests that the sponsorship of local musicians be in the form of a support payment arrangement – per gig, monthly …
We suggest that in return for the financial support, the musicians will verbally thank you several times during their shows. Also, they will give you a prominent placement on their web site and on their social media accounts and at each gig the musicians will display signage that lists their sponsors. Any posters that the musicians use to promote an upcoming show will display your logo and identify you as a sponsor.
Sponsoring musicians is similar to placing an ad in print media, online, or a radio or TV ad. It is a new and affordable addition to your overall marketing plan aimed at reaching more of your targeted market.
Any actual support agreement will describe whatever both parties have discussed and mutually agreed upon.
** WeSupportLiveMusic413.com will play no role in the negotiation of a sponsorship agreement. That is the sole responsibility of the sponsors and the musicians.


About the Venues.
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash
live music venues include cafes, restaurants, bars, brew pubs, and more.
Most venues seat from 25 – 100 customers at tables and/or at the bar.
Most do not have a cover charge.
Customers range in age from 21 – 75.
Most have live music at least 3 nights per week, with a focus on Friday and Saturday nights.
Shows can start anywhere from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM and end as late as 12:30 AM. Most shows are from 2 – 3 hours in length.
Shows can feature solo performers, duos, trios and larger bands.
Visit our Western MA We Support Live Music Musicians Directory™  to familiarize yourself with Western MA’s many talented musicians and find someone to support with a sponsorship agreement.
Visit our Venues page to view their calendars and then go listen to some live music.


The support of musicians is not limited to businesses. Individuals who want to offer support through a payment arrangement are also welcome to contact their favorite musicians.


Other ways to support musicians:
Hire musicians to play at a special event at your business that will draw new customers.
Plan a house concert –  if you have a large room in your house, a barn or an outdoor space, organize a house concert – invite musicians to play and invite your friends to come listen. Ask them for a voluntary suggested donation that will go directly to the musicians.